Ma Tao has been fond of antiques since he was a child.These objects record the daily life of ancient Chinese people. This interest, born with him, was echoed many years later in his design work.

Before the "echo" was awakened, Ma Tao was a student studying garden design at Nanjing Forestry University.From his junior year, he was acutely aware of the prospect of industrial design, began to participate in various industrial design competitions frequently, and won many awards, large and small, until graduation.

What really makes Ma Tao feel that industrial design is promising is his experience of taking part in a competition abroad.He was invited to the Netherlands to Philips Technology, where teams of teams designed a MP3 in a factory workshop.Each group has a large brain hole, some designed as a ball, some designed as a pistol, and to Ma Tao breathtaking, Philips will be the design of the high efficiency of the sample.A few hours after the designers submitted their originals, carefully crafted samples were delivered to them at 5pm on the same day, exactly as they were.Seeing that his creativity became a product and marveling at the development and efficiency of technology, Ma Tao began to understand the power of design.

Doing powerful design has become Ma Tao's pursuit of his own design.But the process of finding power is far from as simple as one might imagine.Entering the workplace, Ma Tao participated in various competitions, also changed a few jobs, travel, several times, constantly thinking and adjusting their design direction.

Ma Tao loves life, likes the earthly pyrotechnic, accepts all things added to the body of the perception, these sharp and delicate experience, but also gradually reflected in Ma Tao's design works.He believes that design originated from life and higher than life, adding aesthetic sense of life, so in addition to the aesthetic design, he attaches more importance to the practicality of the design works and the atmosphere of life.

One day, Ma Tao walked in the streets of Hangzhou, roadside there are a lot of calligraphy and painting Literature store, the deep part of the time precipitated by the taste that fascinated him.Like t he sun swept away the clouds, Ma Tao thought, these antiques play, is not the preservation of life details of the ancients?Why not let the traditional Chinese culture go through the daily life of today and reconstruct and rebuild the beauty of the ancient Chinese people from the perspective of modern people?

Using brocade as the cover of the speakers, instantly enhance the beauty of the speakers, but also make the sound of the speakers softer, so there is a great popularity of "Yun Yin" series.

On one occasion, Ma Tao idled over the old paper pile, and found several pieces of red envelopes used by people in the late Qing Dynasty. The design above them was a symbol of jubilation and harmony between the two Immortals.After years of erosion, the surface has been dilapidated, bright red has also become light powder, but the vivid expression of the two Immortals, still let Ma Tao smile.

True beauty can stand the test of time.What our ancestors left to us, not to mention the value, the beauty itself has been proved to be so precious by time.What Ma Tao has done is to connect himself with the years, to explore this treasure and to find the authentic secret language of Chinese traditional culture.

As a result, Ma Tao carefully printed this painting, in the broken place, according to the original style of painting to repair, the final formation of the current pattern.Also in accordance with the usage habits of the ancients, this pattern printed on the red envelope, the past for the present, immediately so that the red envelope upgrade.

Ma Tao has been looking for the success of Ma, double happy, and other patterns, and finally formed a "good gas" red envelopes series.

Embedding traditional Chinese culture into today's life scene is not just a matter of making use of the objects left by our ancestors, but sometimes a little ingenuity can make a big difference.This requires designers to have a profound accumulation of traditional culture and a very high aesthetic literacy.This is how the Lotus Lantern was born.

The beautiful moral of lotus lamp, let it become the handicraft skill that forever prosperous, regardless of ancient and modern, people all have interest, this is not tired. From children's handicraft lessons to the prayer club in the temple, a lotus lamp made of origami can always bring joy and peace, such as the purity and beauty of the lotus.

Ma Tao's design of lotus lamp is not intended to change people's several thousand years has become a custom, only a little change in the shape of the lotus lamp, while focusing on color and paper choices.Ma Tao carefully selected all kinds of weight, various materials, various colors of paper, according to the design draft, cutting, plus some small objects.An origami lotus lamp, which is easy to operate, unique in shape and floating on the water, was born in this way.

Taking materials from the magnificent Chinese traditional culture, joining the perspective of today, so that the design connects ancient and modern in the daily life, this unique sense of alienation has become the characteristics of Ma Tao's works.Ma Tao said, "Design is like writing a novel, enjoying the process." just like life, although ordinary, but as long as attention, there will be groundbreaking discoveries.